Rob Hallam, the MD and founder of Bigtank Video Productions, had the privilege of meeting Sir John Harvey Jones many years ago during work experience at ICI – Britain’s largest manufacturer of its day. Sir John, the then Chairman of ICI shared with Rob, that ‘Customer Is King’. This is now one of Bigtank’s most important mantras. Ian Wilson, MD of engineering power-house Fort Vale Engineering Limited, also said those exact words when the team first did video work with them a few years back.

‘Customer Is King’ is key for us at Bigtank, especially with the continuing use of business apps, automated marketing tools, chat bots, and email engines. With this, real customer service can often get lost along the way. As a team, we realise that clients we work with are the people who make the decisions about us and that genuine, superb customer service is still the most powerful business driver.

At Bigtank we are pleased to work with businesses that also believe ‘Customer Is King’. Part of the work we do at Bigtank is capturing client experiences on camera where they talk about how a company showed them excellent customer service.

Here in this case study video, Andrew Nicholson shares his experience of Hodge Jones & Allen’s legal expertise and customer service. This motivates us to always remember that ‘Customer Is King’.

Rob Hallam