As a business there are countless ways we can show off the new services and products that we offer but none perhaps quite capture and demonstrate the capabilities as well as video.


One of our core areas at Bigtank Video Productions is product films. These are commercially driven advertisements where you can highlight the product’s features and give viewers a unique insight into its purpose and place in the home or working environment.

This is particularly relevant with modern technology, in this new era it’s harder to explain all these features in an engaging way.

In 2017 Bigtank was asked by Lancashire based telecoms news company UC Today, to produce a promotional film for the latest conference phone developed by China’s second largest telecoms company, Yealink.

Yealink is a brand which features in thousands of offices across the country and the world, but you’ve probably never heard of. Leading suppliers in VoIP and SIP phones, their products appear in offices everywhere and the CP960 is their enterprise grade conference phone. Filmed in an office in Burnley and using local actors, we combined self-shot footage and on-screen animation to explain the features and capabilities in a stylish yet informative way.

The short and punchy film proved to be a useful tool for demonstrating all the key features of the phone and dubbed with an American voiceover it was consumed in the US market as well as across China and Asia.

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Rob Hallam