‘I know that Bigtank will always deliver, they’ll always give the excellent service that fellow peers are looking for’ Alison Whittaker-Stewart – Marketing and Corporate Development Manager – Rossendale Hospice

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We know that when recording interviews for our projects, there should always be sensitivity and empathy for the person in front of the camera. Whatever the industry or subject matter, it can be a nervous experience being filmed when you aren’t used to it. For people with terminal and life-limiting illness this can be even more difficult; talking about their conditions and the impact on their lives and relationships, brings added concerns and anxiety.

Through our work with Rossendale Hospice we produced a number films highlighting patients’ stories. Understandably some patients had worries about being interviewed, ‘Am I going to cry? what will I say?’ through our years of experience of filming people in all walks of life we made sure the patients whose stories we were documenting were put at ease and reassured that our filming process would be a breeze. In fact, after the film was completed, many patients said they enjoyed the filming experience and felt that we were there to truly understand what they were going through and to translate that into a compelling film.

To receive such positive feedback from the patients and of course the staff and management at the Hospice instils a great sense of pride. We always aim to deliver quality of service and to make the experience as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. We receive these words from all at the Hospice with great sincerity.

Alison and Rita from the Rossendale Hospice shared their time to talk about their and their patients experience of working with Bigtank. You can watch their testimonial film here:


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Rob Hallam