If you are contemplating making your own corporate video because it looks easy to do, beware! The quality videos you have seen look easy to produce because of the extensive training, and years of experience of the professionals in the industry. Lionel Messi didn’t become a world class footballer without dedication and commitment to his craft. So, unless you believe you can play as an attacking midfielder for Barcelona because he makes it look easy, think on!

OK, so that may be an extreme example, but the principle is the same. It’s all about quality, with the right person doing the right job, and how you want your business to be portrayed and viewed. The DIY approach is fine for the likes of video blogs, webinars, personal social media and so on, but if you want to promote your business to a professional level and receive the engagement you’re after, you need to entrust your video to a professional video company.

At Bigtank Productions we’re hugely proud of the quality of our videos, and we know that it is our expertise as film makers and story tellers, our interpersonal skills, experience and state of the art equipment that make that happen. Even before you start looking at the actual content, there are many reasons to use a professional video company such as Bigtank:

Why use a professional video company?

  • Telling the story: A professional video production company aren’t just skilled in using kit and software. Before anything gets powered up or we are even close to the ‘lights, camera, action!’ stage, the films story needs to be laid oud, the audience identified and the desired results set down on paper. A great production company will be brimming with ideas and creativity, not just technical knowledge.

  • Film quality: Obviously! A poor quality video (bad sound, imagery and poor resolution) can be disastrous, and actually damage a company’s reputation if it looks unprofessional and thrown together. A video should reflect your company’s reputation and values. If your offering looks poor and badly executed, it will portray your business as nonchalant and unprofessional.

  • Return on investment: Cost is often quoted as being an objection to using a professional video company but actually, a quality, engaging video can produce a huge return on investment.

  • Keeping within budget: A professional video company will be able to provide an estimate of time and cost, and produce a quality video within that budget. An amateur will be entering the arena of the great unknown and no doubt require more takes and longer editing time, taking the project over budget.

  • People power: If you need your staff, or even actors, to speak on your video, all dialogue needs to come across in a relaxed, authentic way, otherwise the message is lost as the viewer becomes distracted by unconvincing interviews. A professional video company has experience in dealing with nervous or reluctant participants, putting them at ease to make their contribution effective.

  • Equipment: A video production company worth its salt will only use state of the art equipment to produce their videos. You don’t have to worry about how expensive it is, whether it needs to be insured or, indeed, how to use all those shiny pieces of kit. Consumer products won’t produce the same quality, and if you decide to hire professional equipment it’s doubtful that you will know how to use it to anything like its full capacity.

  • Additional factors: Issues around location, people, sound and environment will all have considerable impact on the progress of a film. An experienced videographer will know how to handle unexpected challenges and remain on budget and within schedule.

Think back to a poorly crafted, cheap corporate video you have seen, and remember what it made you think of that company. Don’t fall into the same trap of thinking it will save you money to do it yourself – it could end up costing you dearly.

Rob Hallam