Plan Your Video Content Strategy Successfully

 Maximise your ROI by reaching your audience in the most effective way.

At Bigtank, we have over 14 years’ experience in creating relevant, compelling, commercially effective content for our clients. Throughout this time, as well as constantly refining our production processes, developing our creativity and investing in new technology, we have identified that irrespective of client size or project specifics, for video and animation projects to be successful, there are three important stages to a successful video:




There needs to be a good reason for producing video and animation content. How else can you measure its success or effectiveness? The Objective will determine the Creative Approach and Marketing Strategy. You might think that just having any old video about your business is a good for SEO or brand awareness, but have you ever bothered to sit through a full video that doesn’t actually say anything? Probably not. It’s likely you turn it off seconds after pressing play - and a poorly-performing video will have a negative effect for SEO. That’s why at Bigtank we work with our clients to plan, discuss in detail and make sure we all know why we are working together and what we want to achieve.



If you know your Objectives and target audience, then it’s equally important the style and substance appeal to that audience. The idea, the quality, the message, the relevance might be there but if the audience aren’t engaged then it’s a wasted opportunity. Research personas and get to know what your intended audience would likely watch and what creative styles will likely appeal to them. Video is NOT a ‘One Size Fits All’ process but by working closely with our clients, it ensures we can capture their passion, knowledge and driving forces in commercially effective video content



It might be obvious that your corporate video needs to be seen, but is it reaching its intended audience. It’s not enough to upload your video up on YouTube, Vimeo or on all social media platforms and wait for the magic to happen…….it won’t. A corporate video that has a great message and relevance in the style of its intended audience means absolutely nothing if it hasn’t been viewed by its intended audience. That’s why we always work closely with our clients to help them identify where their audience might be receiving and viewing content and then how they will implement the content we create for them to maximise results.

In short – identify the reason we are making video content, identify the best creative treatment for that content and finally, identify who the audience is for that content and how they will see it. By doing those three steps it ensures video produced by Bigtank will help our clients Tell Their Story, Engage Their Market and Grow Their Business.

The only way to create impact and growth with video.