Stephensons Solicitors



As part of our on-going relationship with Stephensons Solicitors we produce a variety of interview based films concerning various legal topics as well as their client's stories for the company website, YouTube channels and social media outlets.

When capturing effective interview content, it is essential that the person or persons on screen are completely at ease with the interviewer and are focussed on delivering their message without worrying about the video production process going on around them, especially if what they are talking about is sensitive. At Bigtank, we are experts in creating the right atmosphere and asking the right questions to an interviewee so that any captured content is genuine, relaxed and completely on-message.

A company with real attention to detail. They have the skill to make anyone they are filming feel completely at ease. Something which is crucial to get the best film. They are well organised, timely and a pleasure to work with.

Sarah Boustouller - Head of Marketing - Stephensons Solicitors



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